Terms of Use

After making the payment, the customer gets the right to use Collidu’s templates for his presentation needs and purposes in good faith and accordance with the following Terms:

  • You can use our templates for one or more commercial or personal presentations. You must be the owner of the commercial presentations in which you want to use our templates.
  • You have complete control to use the templates the way you want. You can edit our templates to align them with the visual identity of your company.
  • You get unrestricted access and customization to use our products.

As a customer, you are NOT ALLOWED to:

  • You cannot distribute or resell our templates to any third-party business or website, online or offline.
  • You cannot resell or distribute our products (modified or unedited versions) for free to any media device or website without prior authorization, even if you have purchased the templates from our website or have a membership subscription.

If you have any queries regarding our Terms of Use, please feel free to Contact Us.